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Support Work

Are you looking for the best support workers in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, or the Sunshine Coast? Access some of the most compassionate, loyal, trustworthy and hard-working therapy and medical university students. Our team can provide local, professional and inclusive support work and caring services throughout Perth.

Support work availability maps

Last updated 20/11/2023 - we are receiving referrals daily, so please refer to the below maps as a guide only. Thank you.

No waitlist

Green indicates we have support workers looking for members

Short Waitlist

Orange indicates limited shifts available with support workers

Staff onboarding

Red indicates that we are onboarding new support workers

What is support work?

Support Workers provide help and support for individuals and their families. This could include practical support, such as helping with household tasks, filling out paperwork, administering medication, providing personal care support, or helping members learn new skills. Support workers also often provide emotional support, assisting members to develop new hobbies and interests and to expand their informal support network.

Assist with Daily Activities

Assistance in the home such as cleaning, gardening, showering, toileting, meal prep and more.

Assist with Participation

Confidently access the community for shopping, outings, entertainment and socialising.


All our support undergo vehicle inspections to ensure travel is safe and convenient for you.

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About our support workers

Ascend Health’s team of students have more training and a different motivation for working in disability services. With support from experienced team leaders and qualified allied health professionals, they provide a higher standard of care for people with disabilities.

Image of one of Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

We only hire university students

Core to Ascend Health’s unparalleled standards of service is a commitment to employ only university students dedicated to studying health and therapy related degrees as disability support workers in Perth, Adelaide, and the Sunshine Coast. These students work alongside our fully-qualified allied health professionals to deliver an exceptional level of service.

Our support workers receive ongoing training

Beyond Ascend Health’s comprehensive introductory training, all students and therapists attend mandatory training sessions. We have a 50-module training program, ensuring that we give our young health professionals the knowledge they need to provide outstanding supports for our members.

Image of one of Ascend Health Group's mandatory training nights with all of our Perth support workers.

What can our support workers do?

Ascend Health Group Establishment Fee

Support Coordination

Session scheduling, re-appointing, service activity organisation, communication, feedback, research and team organisation.

Improve Living Arrangements

Our therapy students are capable of helping you find suitable living arrangements.

Community Participation

Increasing the meaningful social activities is what we are known to do best.

Finding or Keeping a Job

Need help finding a job? Our support workers have experience with getting our members meaningful work.

Improve Relationships

We have psychology students and counsellors that provide support with improving relationships.

Manage Health and Wellbeing

Physiotherapy and Exercise Science students are capable of helping you improve your health and welling being through prescribed exercise.

Improved Learning

We engage Occupational therapy students to help with learning skills such as handwriting and reading.

Improved Life Choices

Our therapy students are experienced in guiding and mentoring to facilitate better life choices.

Do you need specialised help?

We will be happy to discuss any of your specialised requirements, so please contact us today. We can develop a personalised care plan that is unique to your needs.

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