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Support Work

How are we different?

  • Ascend Health Group finds personalised allied health students from Curtin University as support workers.

  • We thoroughly assess all your needs to ensure we find a support worker that is aligned with your goals and personalised requirements.

  • We tailor the recruiting process based on the initial assessment, goals and provide you with a final report.

  • We also strive to ensure that all participants and support workers live within 15 minutes of travel time, for convenience and ease.

  • The report will allow you to choose from 2-6 support workers suited to your needs.

  • All support workers have their WWCC, NPC, up-to-date vaccinations, department of health clearance check, first aid, CPR, drivers licence and more, ready for an immediate start.

  • We give successful support workers 4 weeks after the 'meet and greet' to decide if they can commit to 1 year with the participant they are assigned to.

  • All successful support workers will be shadowed by an experienced support workers for 2 sessions, then sit in on 2 therapy sessions and then they will receive training and support in building rapport and communication skills.

  • We encourage our support workers to communicate with your therapists to improve the quality of support and also to help them develop as young therapists.