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Ascend Health was founded to improve and raise the standard of disability services in our community. Since 2017, we have helped our exclusive members with everything from daily activities, social and community participation and therapeutic supports. With our unparalleled standards of service, our staff deliver exceptional service, we make sure you enjoy the best life has to offer.

Career opportunities

The opportunity for career progression and leadership roles in all positions.

Ascend Health Group Establishment Fee

Earn a great income

We offer work that is flexible and fits around your studies or family commitments.

Make a difference

Join our mission by using your skills to raise the standard of healthcare in Australia.

Modern workplace

We have a modern and contemporary workplaces that foster collaboration and growth.

Who do we hire?

Ascend Health’s team of therapy assistants in Adelaide have more training and a different motivation for working in disability services.


At Ascend Health, our therapists collaborate with university students functioning as disability support workers and carers. Our unique model empowers students to evolve from support workers to therapy assistants and ultimately, therapists. In between sessions, you'll help coach and train students and manage community support services.

University students

Our unique business model centers around the employment of dedicated university students pursuing health therapy degrees. We believe that university students are strongly driven by their passion and empathy and are motivated to bring high levels of care to individuals with disabilities.

Ascend Health has some of the most compassionate, loyal, trustworthy and hard-working therapy and medical university students in Adelaide.

Get a Therapy VIP Pass

A role as a therapist at Ascend Health is not your average therapy position. To learn more without any strings attached, you can join us for a Therapist Insight Day. It's a unique opportunity for anyone interested in a speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physiotherapy position to shadow our experienced staff for a day.

Why Participate? You get to explore the day-to-day life of an Ascend Health therapist and connect with our professionals to discover if this is the right career path for you.

What to Expect:

Why work for Ascend Health Group?

At Ascend Health Group, you will be a part of a unique and supportive culture where every team member is treated and valued as an individual. We have a modern, contemporary workplace in Perth that accommodates a hybrid work schedule, ensuring you can enjoy the work/life balance you deserve. You’ll also enjoy a high-quality fit-out just minutes from the city centre and uninterrupted views of the swan river and South Perth. You will find flexibility, a professional challenge, and appreciation for the work you do in a young and growing company.

Encouraging a healthy work/life balance

Are you looking for a supportive and rewarding work environment with flexible conditions and a young and energetic team? We are excited to offer an opportunity for experienced therapist to join our therapy team and help shape the future health professionals of WA.

Investing in high quality training

Be part of a team that is dedicated and enthusiastic about helping others. You'll be supported by local therapists that have been working within the disability sector for many years. You'll also be able to access a generous training package to further develop your skills.

Our therapists are raising the standard of healthcare

Currently, people with disabilities have poor access to support services, with long wait times, low-quality services, and a lack of choice. Ascend Health’s innovative model is boosting access to desperately-needed support services while offering invaluable training and practical experience to university students studying health related degrees. Our therapists play a key role in developing therapeutic interventions with our members in the community as well as helping our students in the early stages of their careers.

A picture of an Ascend Therapist running a support worker training session

Therapist leaders

Join Ascend Health and work alongside passionate university students in the fields of OT, Physio, Speech, and related disciplines. Enjoy a hands-on role in member management (we call our participants members), teaching your methods to students, and contributing to community, disability, personal care, and mental health services.

More training opportunities

Apart from lower billables, therapists have access to fortnightly professional development sessions and a flexible PD/resource budget. New grads also receive 1-on-1 supervision from a Senior Therapist weekly for the first 12 months. Regardless of your role, all staff benefit from gamified pay rises every 3-4 months, providing a transparent career pathway. Plus, we host exclusive events here and overseas that foster career and industry development opportunities.

Current job opportunities

We are currently hiring across Australia for Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Physiotherapists. Join our team and kick-start a new passion for working in the NDIS.

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Ongoing New Graduate roles

Ascend Health is a little different. You get a clear career roadmap and the ability to track the metrics that will take you to the next level, both personally and professionally.


You'll get ongoing support for our senior therapy team. We don't throw people in at the deep end. We're also committed to providing a sustainable workplace. That means we value the work/life balance that YOU want (our billable targets are also the lowest in industry).

Become a leader

Our new graduates mentor the support workers and team leaders that Ascend employs as support workers

Mistakes are a win

We embrace mistakes and adopt the growth mindset. We are lifelong learners at Ascend Health.

Low billable targets

We're passionate about self-care and a healthy work-life balance. We actually walk the talk with our low billables.

New Graduate responsibilities

New Graduate benefits

University student opportunities

Gain relevant experience and knowledge that isn't taught at university. Join Ascend Health Group to receive practical experience, high-quality training, guidance from experienced mentors, and all whilst working alongside experienced therapists. You'll get paid a great rate and have access to flexible and local work.

Valuable experience

Get ahead of the crowd when you leave university. With support from experienced Team Leaders, you'll gain valuable experience and insights that is just not taught in university.

Mistakes are a win

There are many opportunities for career progression and leadership roles for those that embrace the growth mindset. These are the people that embrace their mistakes and learn from their experiences.

Career opportunities

Our platform enables support workers to monitor their career progression. Set your goals and aim high as your work from support worker, to team leader, to therapy assistant, then to new grad.

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