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Ascend Health is a bespoke registered NDIS health care provider in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Sunshine Coast that is dedicated to setting a higher standard of health care in the community.

What makes us unique

Skilled team consisting of only therapists and therapy/health students

Our extensive training means Ascend Health is able to give health professionals a high level of autonomy, trusting them to decide how best to care for members.

Our operations are supported by custom built software

Ascend Health’s operations are modern and paperless, supported by in-house cloud technology which eliminates all manual administration tasks. This allows us to direct time and resources to more training and other member-focused initiatives whilst ensuring we maintain the highest levels of care for our members.

We only hire university students as support workers

Core to Ascend Health’s unparalleled standards of service is a commitment to employ only university students dedicated to studying health therapies as disability support workers/carers. With support from experienced team leaders, they provide a higher standard of care for people with disabilities.

Extensive ongoing training for our support workers

Beyond Ascend Health’s comprehensive introductory training, all students and therapists attend weekly training sessions. Over the course of a year, they will complete a 50-module training program.


We are committed to fostering open and transparent relationships with all stakeholders, including members, staff, and NDIS providers collaborating with Ascend Health. Rest assured, all our services adhere to the NDIS price guide, ensuring your confidence in our pricing transparency.

Invoicing +

Our custom built software automatically turns progress notes into invoices, which are immediately sent to you for approval. Get quick session feedback and invoicing all in one with Ascend Health Plus.

NDIS price guide

Our team has a proven track record in communicating the latest changes in the NDIS price guide and their anticipated impact on all of our members. We can help you get the most out of your NDIS packages.

Alternative funding

Contact us if you have alternative forms of funding such as DVA, Medicare packages, or private health. Our team are well-versed in how you can access services, whether through Ascend Health or alternative providers.

Our services

Support Work

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With support from experienced team leaders and qualified allied health professionals, our team can provide local, professional and inclusive support work and caring services throughout Perth and the Sunshine Coast.

Occupational Therapy

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Helping you to improve your independence and quality of life, our dedicated occupational therapists will help you to get back to doing the activities that you want to do.

Speech Pathology

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Our Speech Therapist will work closely with you, your family, support staff and other health professionals to help improve your independence, quality of life and participation in society.


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Dedicated, reliable, and kind physiotherapy professionals specialise in neuro physiotherapy for disability, and provide mobile services to the community in the suburbs throughout Perth and Sydney.

Therapy Assistance

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Many of our students study Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Psychology. They will work with you at your home or in the community to practice your therapeutic activities prescribed by an allied health professional.


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We can arrange Short-term accomodation for NDIS participants. This is arranged and managed directly by therapists, with assistance provided by a local team leader. All the support is provided by our experienced support workers at the accomodation.

Let us help you get started today

Call us to book an initial assessment 1800 573 116

We send a team to assess your therapy and support requirements

We’ll allocate a team of therapists and therapy students that best suits your needs

Hear what people are saying about Ascend

I'm writing to let you know how impressed I have been with the Ascend Health services I receive. Melissa has unobtrusively bonded with my family and made having a support worker in the house a breeze.

I want to commend her on her "can do" and positive attitude. She not only meets, but regularly exceeds the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission Practice Standards. This is no easy feat for someone who has been a Support Worker for less than 12 months.

Her work is of the highest standard and I sincerely hope she is the standard to which all Ascend staff are held. She is not only an asset to Ascend, but to the Support Worker and OT communities at large.

Member wishes to remain anonymous

My daughter and I were thoroughly impressed with the absolute professionalism of Naomi and the various highly effective strategies that she introduced into the session. These various strategies engaged our son in a thoroughly impressive way. Not only did he enjoy the learning experience (which is a rarity for him), but notably, he has improved in expression, articulation and comprehension in leaps and bounds since Naomi began working with him.

Our son has come such a long way under her excellent therapy sessions. Thank you so much, Naomi! And thank you, Ascend Health, for continuing to set the standard in excellence in providing health support services, which demonstrates passionate professionalism and certainly empowers people in the community.

Dale, Ascend Health Member

Cam is amazing with our boys! He is so energetic yet calm. He shows initiative in finding new and engaging ways to get my children to interact and meet their goals. He has been able to get my youngest to play board games by following the rules and not getting upset if he doesn’t win (from always making up his own rules and having a meltdown at a loss). He even is able to help the boys learn new skills by helping them to learn to do it and giving encouragement and support to be successful.

Melissa, Ascend Health Member

Olivia has taken care of our daughter for many years and we’re so grateful for her warmth, compassion, dedication and professionalism. She’s a genuinely kind and caring person, who invests her time and energy into doing whatever’s needed to ensure we have positive improvements and see our daughter progress.

Member wishes to remain anonymous

Hi Olivia. I want to thank you so much for the extra time and support you have been providing over this difficult period. Ascend have done so much to support the family and hold things together, I know they are very appreciative.

Tim, Support Coordinator

It has been such a happy, positive and enlightening experience for all of our family that I felt compelled to provide some feedback to acknowledge the outstanding work of Naomi Ng. Our son has come such a long way under her excellent therapy sessions. Thank you so much, Naomi! And thank you, Ascend Health

Member wishes to remain anonymous

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