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University Students as Support Workers
Experienced Therapy Assistants
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Setting the new standard for quality healthcare and support

Ascend Health Group is a one-of-a-kind bespoke disability service. Since 2017, we’ve been taking care of all of our members’ needs and offering unforgettable experiences. Our services extend beyond your NDIS goals and daily needs.

What makes us unique

Skilled team consisting of only therapists and therapy/health students

Our extensive training means Ascend is able to give health professionals a high level of autonomy, trusting them to decide how best to care for members.

Our operations are supported by custom built software

Ascend’s operations are modern and paperless, supported by in-house cloud technology which eliminates all manual administration tasks. This allows us to direct time and resources to more training and other member-focused initiatives whilst ensuring we maintain the highest levels of care for our members.

We only hire university students as support workers

Core to Ascend’s unparalleled standards of service is a commitment to employ only university students dedicated to studying health therapies as disability support workers/carers. With support from experienced mentors, they provide a higher standard of care for people with disabilities.

Extensive ongoing training for our support workers

Beyond Ascend’s comprehensive introductory training, all students and therapists attend weekly training sessions. Over the course of a year, they will complete a 50-module training program.

Our services

Occupational Therapy

Helping you to improve your independence and quality of life

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Dedicated, reliable and kind professionals providing mobile services

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Speech Therapy

Access high-quality healthcare in the community

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Support Work

Quality services from an education/health science university student

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Therapy Assistance

Only the best students help implement a therapists treatment plan

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We send a team to assess your therapy and support requirements

We’ll allocate a team of therapists and therapy students that best suits your needs

Hear what people are saying about Ascend

A photo of Mark sitting in a wheelchair.
Ascend Health Group has become an extension of my everyday living and quest for quality of life. I see them as my partner moving forward addressing my needs.

My support workers are well trained, high caliber educated individuals with one foot into a life long commitment of a Healthcare individual.

I see Ascend as a ‘one stop’ shop that I can depend on and have the assurance that my needs are covered.


Image of a persons back to represent anonymous feedback
Dear Olivia,

I'm writing to let you know how impressed I have been with the Ascend Health Group services I receive. Melissa has unobtrusively bonded with my family and made having a support worker in the house a breeze.

I want to commend her on her "can do" and positive attitude. She not only meets, but regularly exceeds the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission Practice Standards. This is no easy feat for someone who has been a Support Worker for less than 12 months.

Her work is of the highest standard and I sincerely hope she is the standard to which all Ascend staff are held. She is not only an asset to Ascend, but to the Support Worker and OT communities at large.

Member wishes to remain anonymous

Image of a persons back to represent Tim's feedback
Hi Olivia,

I want to thank you so much for the extra time and support you have been providing over this difficult period.

Ascend have done so much to support the family and hold things together, I know they are very appreciative.

Tim, Support Coordinator

Reconnecting people to their community

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