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In response to the novel COVID19 virus, we are offering fast and responsive services with no establishment fee or complex initial assessments for support services related to shopping or running errands over the next 30 days.

If anyone needs any assistance with preparing for isolation please feel free to contact us.

Stay calm and positive, reach out if you need assistance.


Making a Difference

Ascend Health Group believes everyone deserves better quality health services.  Our teams thoroughly assess all your requirements to ensure you find the support team that is aligned with your goals and personal needs.

Our Services

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Perth's highest quality support workers 

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We find personalised health students from Perth Universities as support workers.



Provide affordable & accessible health services to everyone. Ascend Health Group are developing streamline healthcare models and software applicable across all populations.


Creative thinking will break old paradigms

Ascend Health Group are driven

by a single goal; to provide health support with every individual and assist anybody to become their best, without prejudice.  


We live in a time where everyone can be connected at the touch of a button.


For more information, or to schedule a meeting, get in touch today.

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(08) 9468 5595

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