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About Ascend Health

Our story

Ascend Health was founded to improve and raise the standard of disability services in our community. Since 2017, we have helped our exclusive members with everything from daily activities, social and community participation and therapeutic supports. With our unparalleled standards of service, our staff deliver exceptional service, we make sure you enjoy the best life has to offer.

Our Mission

To provide all communities with local teams of compassionate health professionals and reliable students to deliver premium quality supports.

Our Vision

To set the new standard for community health and support services. We will develop creative and knowledgeable health professionals by working with university students to cultivate excellence.

Our students are what makes Ascend so unique

We only use university health and therapy students as support workers. They attend regular training sessions throughout the year, with many being accepted into therapy roles once they graduate. That means our therapists have many years of working within the NDIS as soon as they begin their therapy careers. Make the most of young health professionals that are passionate and motivated to ensure you have the highest quality support possible.

We also help startups within the disability industry

Ascend Health is part of the AHG ecosystem of startups that are navigating the NDIS and operate within the disability industry. If you have started - or thinking about starting - a company and are seeking help or advice, then AHG may be able to provide the assistance you need to make your business successful. Their services include:

Ascend Health is part of the AHG network

Bruno Health is leveraging the services of Ascend Health Group

Bruno Health

Bruno Health is the Software division that builds accessible technologies to better automate, simplify, and integrate the delivery of health services.

Obdo is leveraging the services of Ascend Health Group


Obdo is the Assistive Technology division that is inventing world-first products and devices to improve the wellbeing of people experiencing disability.

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Ascend Health Group is a technology and services company improving the lives of people living with disability, with a mission to continually innovate across the disability industry.

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