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At Ascend Health, we have a comprehensive verification checklist for any new professional joining our team. This ensures that they can meet our high standards when providing services to all our clients.

Worker Verification

When starting with Ascend Health, we verify each of our team members' identity, check their police clearances, and ensure a valid working with children’s licence.

Reference Check

We meet with all applicants prior to accepting them into our team. We conduct at least two reference checks and verify their responses following our the interviewing process.

Ongoing verification

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we offer to the community by regularly following up with our members. This ensures we know what training or support our team needs.

Meet our team

Our therapists are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited to provide a supportive and caring space to improve your capacity. Working within the concentrated care model, they'll help you to improve your independence and quality of life so that you can get back to doing the activities that you want to do.

Olivia Firth is a senior occupational therapist at Ascend Health Group

Olivia Firth

Senior Occupational Therapist

Western Australia

Olivia brings nine years of experience as an Occupational Therapist in the disability field, demonstrating a deep commitment to enhancing the performance and participation of children, adolescents, and young adults in their daily lives. Olivia also plays a pivotal role in coordinating the training and development of health professionals. Leading from the front, Olivia guides the team of therapists to provide comprehensive and impactful care.

Rachel Loughridge is a senior speech pathologist at Ascend Health that helps members north of Perth

Rachel Loughridge

Senior Speech Pathologist

Western Australia

Rachel has worked as a speech pathologist for 7 years, and has worked for nearly 11 years in the disability sector. Rachel is passionate about a family-centred and trans-disciplinary approach to service delivery across therapy settings. Rachel enjoys working with children and has a special interest in early intervention, social skills and Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC).

Katherine Tran is a senior speech pathologist and lead therapist of our Adelaide team.

Kat Tran

Senior Speech Pathologist

South Australia

Kat has been working as a speech pathologist for over 5 years in Adelaide, South Australia. She has special interest in helping primary and secondary students develop their speech clarity, verbal and written language, and social language. Kat has extensive experience advocating for neurodivergent individuals.

Naomi Ng is a speech pathologist at Ascend Health that helps members north of Perth

Naomi Ng

Senior Speech Pathologist

Western Australia

Naomi has worked as a Speech Pathologist for over 5 years and is passionate about improving people's quality of life, working closely with members, their families, and significant others. She enjoys working with both adults and children, with a special interest in early intervention and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Eadaoin O'Reilly is a physiotherapist for Ascend Health in Perth.

Eadaoin O'Reilly

Senior Physiotherapist

Western Australia

Eadaoin is an experienced physiotherapist originally from Ireland that has over 7 years experience in the field of adult and paediatric physiotherapy. She has a strong interest in making sports and physical activity more accessible, and enjoys promoting healthy living in individuals of all ages. Eadaoin also employs a range of treatment styles, including motor learning, gait retraining, hydrotherapy, and primitive reflex assessment and integration.

Vicky Merryweather is an occupational therapist for Ascend Health in Melbourne, Victoria.

Vicky Merryweather

Senior Occupational Therapist


Vicky has been an OT for over 7 years working predominantly as a Community Mental Health Specialist Occupational Therapist supporting clients to integrate and find purpose within their local communities. She has a special interest in providing therapeutic interventions for Veterans, OCD, Phobias and Anxiety. Working across the lifespan of clients, Vicky specialises in providing therapeutic support to help members build purposeful and meaningful engagement in the community.

Jordy Nixon is an occupational therapist at Ascend Health Group

Jordy Nixon

Occupational Therapist

Western Australia

Jordy brings over two years of experience in the disability and paediatric sector, with a strong emphasis on early intervention. Her passion lies in empowering children and their families to achieve their goals. Through her work, Jordy demonstrates a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves, focusing on holistic support that addresses both the individual needs of the child and the broader well-being of the family unit.

Luke Andrews is one of Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

Luke Andrews

Occupational Therapist

Western Australia

Luke is an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University. With 4 years work experience at Ascend Health as a support worker, mentor, therapy assistant, and OT, Luke enjoys working with families and helping people with differing abilities to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Luke has a special interest in working with teenagers and young adults transitioning into adulthood, independent living, and the workforce.

Donna Pocklington is an occupational therapist at Ascend Health Group

Donna Pocklington

Occupational Therapist

Western Australia

Donna is an experienced Occupational Therapist boasting extensive experience with supporting children, adolescents and adults achieve their full potential. She actively incorporates a neurodiversity-affirming perspective, recognising and valuing the diverse experiences of individuals under her care. Donna's advocacy extends into the school environment, where she passionately promotes support structures for neurodiverse individuals.

Deon Noronha is a speech pathologist at Ascend Health that helps members north of Perth

Deon Noronha

Speech Pathologist

Western Australia

Deon is a dedicated Speech Pathologist with a strong passion for the disability industry, and finds fulfilment in assisting individuals to achieve their goals and enhance their quality of life. Deon's special interest lies in early intervention and working with adults impacted by neurological conditions, where he strives to make a positive impact on communication and overall well-being. His commitment to improving the lives of those he serves makes Deon a valuable asset to Ascend Health.

Trang Truong Ascend Health Physiotherapist in Sydney

Trang Truong


New South Wales

Trang is a passionate neurological physiotherapist with experience in the NDIS and has a strong interest with Stroke, Parkinson's Disease and Brain injury. She also has experience treating clients with other neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, Functional Neurological Disorder and Congenital neurological conditions. Trang is passionate about providing patient-centered care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for her clients and their families.

Aneeka Wheatcroft (Boxall) is an occupational therapist for Ascend Health in Perth.

Aneeka Boxall

Occupational Therapist

Western Australia

With over 13 years of dedicated service in Occupational Therapy, Aneeka brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to Ascend Health. Her extensive expertise, coupled with a compassionate approach to care, allows her to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of individuals and their families across their lifespan. She is dedicated to promoting independence, enhancing quality of life, and fostering positive experiences for all of those she works with.

Macauley Bremner is an experienced speech therapist for Ascend Health in Perth.

Macauley Bremner

Speech Pathologist

Western Australia

Macauley is an experienced speech pathologist who is passionate about helping members achieve meaningful and functional outcomes. She has experience across private practice, the disability sector, as well as conducting research at Curtin University. Macauley has a longstanding passion for supporting children’s speech and literacy development and has further training in orofacial myology, childhood apraxia of speech and literacy interventions.

Ryan Xu is an occupational therapist for Ascend Health in Adelaide.

Ryan Xu

Occupational Therapist

South Australia

Ryan Xu is an experienced occupational therapist that has worked with a diverse range clients in the NDIS and aged care communities. His passion lies in enhancing the lives of individuals by focusing on assistive technology and home modifications. He is committed to creating personalised therapy plans that empower our members to achieve their daily living goals, improve their quality of life, and promote independence.

Mariate Chacko

Speech Pathologist

South Australia

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Timothy Squire is a Perth based occupational therapist at Ascend Health

Timothy Squire

Occupational Therapist

Western Australia

Tim is a dedicated Occupational Therapist in the disability field that is passionate about empowering individuals to enhance their daily lives and achieve their goals. Whether in clinical settings or collaborating with other healthcare professionals, Tim is committed to promoting independence, well-being, and an improved quality of life for those under his care.

A picture of Bruno, the Ascend Health Group Mascot and service dog


Senior Therapy Dog

Western Australia

Bruno is a trained and qualified therapy assistance dog. Lately, Bruno has been making new friends with some of our members. His visits are a great way to get motivated to move and step out of the house as a goal for improving community participation.

Our mentors coordinate the support workers that operate in small teams throughout Perth. They have a diverse range of tasks, and can include training draftees (new support workers), problem-solving, checking feedback on progress notes, communicating with support workers, provide weekly training, and report any feedback, complaints and any changes within the company.

Anna Gunningham is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Anna Gunningham

Joondalup Team Leader

Shannon Moffat is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Shannon Moffat

Ellenbrook Team Leader

Ella Miles is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Michelle Vuaillat

Karrinyup Team Leader

Mia Flitman is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Kate Grady

Kalamunda Team Leader

Mason Dodds is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Mason Dodds

North Perth Team Leader

Jeremy Chia is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Jeremy Chia

South Perth Team Leader

Matthew Harrup is one of Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

Matthew Harrup

Fremantle Team Leader

Tylah King Ascend Health Group

Tylah King

Canning Team Leader

Cate McGrath is one of Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

Cate McGrath

Mandurah Team Leader

Ruby Vyse is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Ruby Vyse

Beechboro Team Leader

Max Soet Ascend Health Group

Max Soet

Greenwood Team Leader

Mia Flitman is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Kate Grady

Swan Team Leader

Ainsley Gee is a mentor and team leader at Ascend Health

Ainsley Gee

Belmont Team Leader

Daniel Menezes is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Daniel Menezes

Murdoch Team Leader

Daniel Cabassi is an Ascend Health Group team mentor

Daniel Cabassi

Kwinana Team Leader

Matthew Harrup is one of Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

Matthew Harrup

Maddington Team Leader

Marianna is one of Ascend Health's friendly support workers and Team Leaders.

Marianna De Tullio

Adelaide Team Leader

Zachary Nielsen is the founder and Chief Executive at Ascend Health Group

Zachary Nielsen

Chief Executive

‍Zach is a Curtin University-trained physiotherapist and entrepreneur. He has  experience in the health and disability industry, and is passionate about helping people who are experiencing poor health.

Ascend Health Group's chief operating officer and physiotherapist Olivia Mann

Olivia Nielsen

Chief Operating Officer

Olivia is a trained physiotherapist and COO of Ascend Health. She ensures that operations run smoothly on a day-to-day basis and being responsible for ensuring our staff are meeting the needs of our members.

A picture of Peter Edwards, the Chief Technology Officer of Ascend Health Group

Peter Edwards

Chief of Staff

Pete's background is in Physiotherapy and Health Studies. His focus is on staff wellbeing and helping to make sure that Ascend supports our therapists and support workers so they can do their best work.

Ania Czekaj is the lead software engineer at Ascend Health Group

Ania Czekaj

Lead Software Engineer

Ania is experienced in the fast-paced world of tech startups, and is responsible for building the first version Ascend Health Plus. Having worked as a support worker, she is passionate about developing software that will revolutionise the way healthcare services are delivered to the community.

Brandyn Britton is a Software Developer at Ascend Health and is part of the team building Ascend Health Plus

Brandyn Britton

Senior Software Developer

Brandyn is a Senior Software Engineer at Ascend, passionate about developing impactful technology. With a background in EdTech and HealthTech and experience as a disability support worker, he brings diverse perspectives to his role developing and maintaining Ascend's software platforms

Tahli Kipps

Software Developer

Bio coming soon . . .

Robert Duff-Silsby is the marketing coordinator for Ascend Health.

Robert Duff-Silsby

Marketing Manager

Robert has a psychology degree and has been woking in marketing at Ascend Health since 2021. He works closely with recruitment and the member engagement team to help spread the word about the Ascend Health mission.

Nicole Grace is a Recruitment Officer at Ascend Health responsible for onboarding university students as support workers

Nicole Grace

Recruitment Officer

Nicole brings a wealth of experience in nursing recruitment from Ireland, and has a dedication to matching individuals with exceptional career opportunities. As she joins Ascend Health's recruitment team, Nicole is committed to sourcing the finest talent to drive the organisation's mission forward.

Nyasha Mupakaviri is a Recruitment Officer at Ascend Health responsible for onboarding therapists

Nyasha Mupakaviri

Recruitment Officer

Nyasha has interest in recruitment and staffing and experience in Human Resource Management in Healthcare. As the Recruitment Manager, her role is to build the Therapy team and provide support to the HR team to ensure efficiency and compliance with government and NDIS regulations.

Meet Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

Marleen Roch

Safety & Compliance Officer

Bio coming soon . . .

Jay Sprigg is the Member Engagement officer and chief member advocate at Ascend Health

Jay Sprigg

Member Engagement Officer

With over 17 years dedicated to enriching the lives of children with special needs in primary school settings, I have a passion for inclusive education. Having a child on the autism spectrum has profoundly deepened my understanding and empathy, inspiring my commitment to supporting individuals of all abilities.

Meet Ascend Health Group's friendly support workers.

Tessa Smith

Marketing Assistant

Bio coming soon . . .

Over 90 university students providing high-quality support work for our members.

Increase your capacity with Ascend Health

Your support services are designed to address your unique goals and want you to feel comfortable with your ongoing support needs. We arrange an initial meet-and-greet between all our new clients and potential students until you find the right support worker for you.

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