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We train university students to work as support workers

University students work at Ascend

Do you want to stand out from the crowd when you graduate?

Gain relevant experience and knowledge that isn't taught at university. Join Ascend Health Group to receive practical experience, high-quality training, guidance from experienced mentors, and all whilst working alongside experienced therapists. You also have the opportunity to earn a certificate 3 or 4 whilst you work. PLUS you get paid a great rate.

We hire students studying Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech Pathology, Medical, or Nursing.

Gain valuable experience

Get ahead of the crowd when you leave university. With support from experienced mentors, you'll provide a high standard of care for people with disabilities. You can gain valuable experience and insight that is just not taught in university.

High quality training

Be part of a team that is dedicated and enthusiastic about helping others. You'll be supported by out experienced Perth team and a local group of mentors and peers. Our extensive training will ensure you're comfortable helping those that are most in need.

Have you just finished year 12?

Planning a GAP year or not sure what you want to study?

You can still apply to work for us if you are wanting to study a health-related degree in the future. You'll get all the benefits of working for Ascend and have the opportunity to choose how much you want to work. As a support worker, you'll be able to work closely with people that are studying a variety of degrees so you can decide which path is best for you.

Why work for Ascend Health Group?

Currently, people with disabilities have poor access to support services, with long wait times, low-quality services, and a lack of choice. Ascend Health Group’s innovative model is boosting access to desperately-needed support services while offering invaluable training and practical experience to university students studying health related degrees.

Therapy students typically graduate with limited experience of working with people with cognitive disabilities or how to treat patients in the home, resulting in poor job satisfaction and high dropout rates from therapy professions.

More than 50% of therapists seek a career change after only five years, and a recent Victorian study found the average career length for physiotherapists is seven years.

Career opportunities

The opportunity for career progression and leadership roles whilst you study.

Ascend Health Group Establishment Fee

Earn a great income

We offer work that is flexible and fits around your studies or family commitments.

Make a difference

Use your skills to make a difference in your local community before you graduate.

Practical experience

Gain experience so that you can become more employable following your studies.

You can access free qualifications whilst you work

Every university student working for Ascend Health Group can now also apply for a traineeship. Not only will you still gain all of the above benefits of working for us, you can also choose from either a Cert 3 in Individual Support (Disability) or a Cert 4 in Mental Health.

These qualifications are directly aligned with priority industry areas where the jobs are today, and into the future. You'll be able to stand out from the crowd once you've completed your studies after the experience

How to apply

Learn more about the role of support workers

Our goal at Ascend Health Group is to help our members wherever possible to transition to a life of independence and community participation. This means that the work that support workers can do varies greatly because of the many different abilities and life situations of our members.

You might help with the everyday tasks around the home like cleaning, gardening, showering, toileting, cooking, or help with your daily living activities like dressing, grooming and eating. You might also help members with activities that allow a person to participate effectively in their environments, including meal preparation, transport to events or appointments, or helping with employment and volunteer activities for example.

Working at Ascend FAQ's

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