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Meet Ascend Health

Ascend Health was founded to reform and modernise the quality of disability services in our local communities. The company’s innovative model is boosting access to desperately-needed support services while offering invaluable training and practical experience to university students studying health related degrees.

Ascend Health is a bespoke health provider founded to overhaul and crush the standard of disability services in our community. Since 2017, we have helped our NDIS participants enjoy more meaningful lives in the home and community via our unique model.

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Our team

Zachary Nielsen

Co-founder & CEO

Zach is a Curtin University-trained physiotherapist and entrepreneur. He has eight years’ experience in the health and disability industry, and is passionate about helping people who are experiencing poor health.

Zach is a passionate, generous and hardworking individual, motivated to improve both himself and the lives of those around him. He is dedicated and resilient, demonstrated through the development of several health care and disability companies, with the aim to assist those in need.

Peter Edwards

Co-founder & CTO

Peter is a software developer with a passion for healthcare. He has a degree in health studies, and believes the most efficient way to maximise access to quality health services is through technology.

For Peter, quality healthcare is synonymous with people’s ability to enjoy their lives. He hopes better digital tools will help patients get the best treatment possible.

Olivia Mann

Co-founder & COO

Olivia is a trained physiotherapist and COO of Ascend Health. She ensures that operations run smoothly on a day-to-day basis, being responsible for managing staff and providing coordination & support services to new and existing members across all areas of WA.


About Ascend Health Plus

Ascend Health Group’s operations are supported by a custom-built technology platform that automatically manages administrative tasks. Ascend Health Plus specifically allows administration information to flow seamlessly from bookings, to reports, to invoices, and finally to timesheets.

Normally a manual process, our technological solution does not require an administration team. Our COO and co-founder Olivia Mann is therefore able to directly facilitate support services with frontline therapists and therapy students. Unlike our competitors, this eliminates the need for supervisors and managers, as support staff are able to effectively coordinate all aspects of disability services. 

Our platform is also completely transparent on all fronts to our members. We allow our members to see every detail of their services and they have the power to instantly review costs and services at any time. They also have a simple solution at their fingertips to selectively book supports and modify their funding plans as their needs change. 

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