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Therapy Assistance

Struggling to find a therapist to assist you?

Want to stretch your therapy budget further?

There are many tasks and activities that a therapy assistant can help with that require a higher level of knowledge and skill than what a support worker might be able to do. Many of our students study Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, and Psychology. They will work with you at your home or in the community to practice your therapeutic activities prescribed by an allied health professional.

Support worker

A support worker provides companionship and assistance with everyday tasks. They can help with personal care, home care, transport, meals and much more. Click here to learn more about how a support worker can help you.

Therapy Assistant

A therapy assistant is somebody that works to implement the therapy plan an allied health professional has created, as well as helping you to practice your therapy more often.

Allied Health Professional

An allied health professional performs an assessment and creates a therapy plan to enable a person with disability to reach their goals. Some different types are Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists.

Co-ordinated effort

Combine our university therapy student and your therapist to achieve your goals.

Extensively trained

Our students undertake an industry leading training program making them among the best.

Mentored by professionals

Our students work closely with Ascend Health mentors to ensure a high standard of service.

Why choose an Ascend Health Therapy Assistant?

Ascend’s team of students have more training and a different motivation for working in disability services. With support from experienced mentors and qualified allied health professionals, they provide a higher standard of care for people with disabilities.

Ascend Health Group Establishment Fee

Why university students?

We've identified that one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is a lack of quality, practical experience for students entering the healthcare sector. These students are passionate about making a difference and improving the lives of people in their communities. We offer students the opportunity to work and learn under a team of qualified professionals.

Investing in the future

Our training and job experience has resulted in a team of staff that are happier and more confident in their ability to provide high quality support services to their community. This means that they enjoy their work more and are passionate about continuing to develop to meet the high standards that Ascend Health has become known for.

Do you need specialised help?

Access some of Australia's most compassionate, loyal, trustworthy and hard-working university students. Our team can provide professional and inclusive assistance near you so that you can get back to doing the activities that you enjoy and want to do.

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