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Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Short term accomodation (STA) services provide an opportunity for both you and your family to have a break or a change of scenery whilst receiving high-quality support. STA allows you to experience living away from your home in a supportive environment for up to 14 days.

You might have a STA with other people, or by yourself, and it’s often funded when you or your family members usual carers aren’t available, when you want to try new things, or you just need a break.

Managed by therapists

Ascend Health therapists are responsible for arranging all the supports you will need. Our priority is ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for every person we support, so both guests and their families enjoy a well-earned short break.

About our STA services

Ascend Health provides inclusive and enjoyable places for all short stays

Ascend Health provides services that are designed to meet each person's individual needs, which can also involve developing activities to build skills that promote independence and the chance to meet new people. Our priority is ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for every person we support, so both our members and their families enjoy a well-earned break.

24/7 care

We will arrange support workers for the entire stay

Various stay options

We can arrange a variety of stay options for up to two weeks

Community access

We prioritise each individual’s needs to ensure an enjoyable stay

Learn new skills

We can arrange activities both in the home and in the community

What are some of the benefits of STA?


How to apply for Short Term Accomodation

What is included

What isn't included

Don't have funding yet

If you don't have community participation funding, you can request it in your next plan review meeting. In this meeting, you'll need to explain how much assistance you need and how your informal support network and carer assist in delivering that support each day.

Try to highlight the impact this has on both of you and how Short Term Accommodation would help this situation. As with every planning meeting, don't forget any documents that support what you are saying. This could include a letter from one of your informal supports explaining why STA would assist give them a break to avoid burn-out can also be convenient. Any proof that makes it simple for the NDIS to know your situation and why it is necessary and reasonable to receive STA.

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