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Support Coordination

Here at Ascend, our goal is to set a new standard when it comes to support coordination in Perth. Every one of our teams has 3 individual roles distributed amongst senior therapy students.

Coordination is a team effort

The Administrator

  • Rostering and scheduling weekly

  • Reading and understanding NDIS plans/funding
  • Keeping track of hours per week
  • Check timesheets fortnightly
  • Check progress notes/billable items weekly

Team Mentor

  • Team coordination

  • Training draftees (new support workers)
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Assignment and management of research
  • Complete initial assessments with therapists
  • Support for Administrator and Communicator staff

The Communicator

  • Call all members weekly

  • Check feedback on progress notes
  • Call all support workers weekly
  • Feedback to the team at weekly training
  • Report feedback, complaints and any changes at weekly training

Every team needs a coach

Our health professionals coach and support senior therapy students in coordinating supports for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and nursing. Their help includes:

  • Run weekly training sessions for every team

  • Assist and guide planning for the future

  • Organising team training

  • Provide 1 on 1 support for mentors, administrators and communicator roles

  • Assist mentors with team selections and strategy

  • Create and update care plans (with support workers) for members

  • Provide specialised intervention for our members

  • Assisting support workers with research

  • Feedback to Ascend Health Group HQ on the direction of resources

A picture of Timothy Squire, the North Perth Team Mentor & Staff Recruitment Officer for Ascend Health Group

Increase your capacity with Ascend

Your support services are designed to address your unique goals and want you to feel comfortable with your ongoing support needs. We arrange an initial meet-and-greet between all our new clients and potential students until you find the right support worker for you.

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