Qualities that make a great disability Support Worker

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Qualities that make a great disability Support Worker

What Ascend Health looks for in support workers

Being a support worker can be challenging, but it is a highly rewarding role. We care deeply about our members happiness, health, and wellbeing, so we are looking for providers who exhibit the qualities below. We believe that these qualities will result in excellent support for our members.


Supporting somebody with needs can be a challenging and rewarding experience. It is not about clocking-on and off, it’s about having a genuine passion for making somebody’s life easier, happier, and more comfortable.


Sometimes, a  member may have been dealt a more difficult hand in life than you. They often don't want your sympathy, however, your empathy will go a long way. Try to put yourself in their shoes and treat each and every member the way you would like your loved ones to be treated


Supporting people with disabilities can be difficult and challenging. Some members require a little bit more support than others which is why Support Workers need to be calm and patient.


As a Support Worker, you must commit to the member and their session. This means you need to be available for them when they need your help, even if that may come at short notice. Some members may be relying on a Support Worker for important things like taking medication or personal care. So being reliable and committed to your role is a very important part of being a Support Worker.


A Support Worker can often find themselves in challenging situations with members and even with all our best intentions, sometimes, members can have difficulty accepting help. However, we need our Support workers to remain calm, patient and positive towards the member.


Support Workers have a huge impact on the lives of our members and often, you will be the first person to notice any changes in the member’s health, behaviour, or circumstances. In order to provide reliable care, Support Workers need to take initiative and be proactive in communicating these changes to their team. This ensures that everyone can provide the best possible care to members.


Over the course of their careers, Support Workers will meet lots of new people. Sometimes these people may be challenging, and you’ll need to be confident in working independently, taking charge when needed, and being able to strike up friendly conversations at home and in the community.

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If you believe you have these qualities and you are a health university student ready to gain experience, we encourage you to apply for a role as a Support Worker with Ascend Health. Please email your resume to hello@ascendhealthgroup.com.au

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Your support services are designed to address your unique goals and want you to feel comfortable with your ongoing support needs. We arrange an initial meet-and-greet between all our new clients and potential students until you find the right support worker for you.

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