Protecting Data

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Protecting Data

Why we take cyber security seriously

Cybercrime has been on the rise in Australia with governments, businesses, and individuals increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. In light of recent cyber attacks, it is essential that businesses and individuals have a firm understanding of cybersecurity and cyber resilience. At Ascend Health, our software engineers are dedicated to protecting and securing our members and provider’s sensitive information. 

How we protect our data

Advanced protection against external threats

To protect our users from external security threats, we deploy and update basic measures such as two-factor authentication, firewalls, and anti-malware solutions.

Knowing where data is and where it’s going

One of the most crucial steps towards efficient data protection is knowing exactly which data is being stored and where. By accurately identifying the data lifecycle and associated security risks, Ascend Health can make informed decisions concerning the measures needed to protect the data we store.

Educating employees at all levels

Ascend Health is committed to ensuring that our employees are well-informed of compliance regulations and the best security practices. In addition to annual training, we provide employees with clear guidelines for handling the most sensitive  of data.

Restricted API’s

API security is the protection of application programming interfaces (APIs) from cyberattacks. Along with web applications, APIs are the engines of digital transformation—but they are also highly vulnerable to attack. Ascend Health holds no open APIs ensuring the highest form of cyber security protection for our member’s data.

You can learn more by reading our privacy policy on our website.

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