Perth's Best Support Workers Shine Again: SWOTYA's 2023

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Perth's Best Support Workers Shine Again: SWOTYA's 2023

What is The Support Worker Of The Year Awards?

In an industry where support workers are often unsung heroes, Ascend Health continue to break the mould by proudly uplifting and celebrating the incredible talent within our ranks. The Support Worker Of The Year Awards (SWOTYA’s) recognises those who go the extra mile in providing exceptional care and support.

Held annually, this year's event was spectacular this year, building on the success of the previous events. With two award categories, the ceremony recognises achievements ranging from problem-solving skills to embracing failure, emphasising the diverse skills that make a support worker truly exceptional.

This year, each support worker was given the opportunity to nominate for their given award. What sets SWOTYA's apart is the commitment to not just recognise individual excellence but foster a culture of growth and collaboration within the industry. Ascend Health CEO Zachary Nielsen has delivered on his vision of expanding the awards to include external organisations in Western Australia. This ambitious goal reflects the company's dedication to providing a platform for the entire industry to grow collectively, encouraging knowledge sharing and best practices.

As the SWOTYA’s continue to gain momentum, the impact on the industry is undeniable. The awards night is not only a celebration of individual accomplishments but a testament to the vital role support workers play in the community's health and well-being. For the 4th consecutive year, Ascend Health proudly takes the lead in recognising and championing those who consistently go above and beyond for their colleagues and Ascend members.

Squire Medal

This year, Matthew Harrup was eventually awarded the prestigious Squire Medal, won for being consistently and thoroughly supportive towards colleagues, members, and the members' loved ones. The Squire Medal is the pinnacle of recognition for outstanding support workers, acknowledging the individuals who stand out as top-tier team members, excelling in support work, team leadership, or therapy assistance. Matthew embodies these qualities, showcasing an exceptional ability to navigate challenging situations beyond expectations. His communication and leadership skills left the judging panel thoroughly impressed.

Kudos also go out to our remarkable runners-up, Max and Ainsley. Your enthusiasm and compassion as Support Workers and Team Leaders make Ascend Health proud every single day. A round of applause to the other Squire Medal nominees – Tahlia, Kate, Michelle, Shannon, and Mason. The competition was fierce, and the decision-making process only gets tougher each year. Thank you all for your outstanding contributions.

Andrews Award

We were thrilled to crown Caity Konners as the Andrews Award winner for 2023. Caity's unwavering resolve and determination shine not only in her exceptional support work but also as a Team Leader for our Sunshine Coast team, all the qualities we have come to know in our rising stars.

We also want to give a round of applause for the runner-up of this year's Andrews Award, Anna! From Support Worker to Team Leader, her rapid rise is a testament to her dedication to growth and the Ascend Health mission. quick nod to the outstanding nominees, Jess, Mia, Selby, and Ashley — your remarkable efforts made this year's competition incredibly close. With the caliber of our support workers escalating each year, the judging for this award becomes a tougher challenge.

Exciting Additions: Sponsors Join the Celebration

As the SWOTYA’s gain prominence, this year's event brings an exciting new dimension with the participation of sponsors eager to support and recognise the exceptional work of our budding health science university students. Sponsors play a crucial role in elevating the awards, contributing to the prestige and significance of the event.

This year, the SWOTYA’s welcome a diverse group of sponsors, each committed to promoting excellence in disability community. Among the esteemed sponsors on the night, Nicholas Young from Concentric Care stands out, bringing their expertise and commitment to innovation in healthcare solutions. Their partnership with the SWOTYA’s highlights a shared vision of empowering support workers and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the industry.

We were also proud to welcome Lauren Cooley from APM, a leader in the disability community, in celebrating the resilience and dedication of support workers. Their sponsorship reflects a commitment to recognising excellence and promoting a collaborative approach to delivering quality care.

We also wanted to thank Earlystart, OT Services Group, Purple Patch Therapy, Neighbourhood Care, and Tempo. The support from these sponsors amplifies the importance of this celebration, turning it into a collective effort to honour and support those who dedicate their lives to caring for others. The Support Worker Of The Year Awards continue to be a shining example of how recognition and celebration can transform an entire industry.

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