Help support Mark in his World Record attempt

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Help support Mark in his World Record attempt

Mark Elsing's story

We are constantly reminded about how precious our health is, but could you imagine what it would be like to wake up the next day without being able to move? To be aware of everything going on around you but with only the ability to move one eye? It’s a frightening thought, but for Mark Elsing, this was his reality for several months following a stroke in 2014. 

Despite the immense challenges he’s overcome, Mark continues to forge ahead with as much determination as ever, hoping to inspire others.

“I pushed my body relentlessly, always setting goals and always with more goals to follow those accomplished; of never ever settling for the concept of good enough”.

Marks story

Mark was a successful businessman before he experienced a massive brain stem stroke at the age of 43. The brain stem plays a critical function in our survival, as impulses sent by other parts of the brain travel through the brain stem on their way to various body parts. The outcome could be the loss of sense of smell and taste or other rare complications such as coma and locked-in syndrome, which is what happened to Mark.

Locked-in syndrome is a condition in which your entire body, except for the eye muscles, is paralysed. The only type of communication is through eye movements such as blinking. For several months, Mark wasn’t able to communicate with those around him, despite being aware of what was happening around him. With time he was eventually able to interact with others with eye movements. Even today he struggles to verbally communicate. 

Yet despite these challenges, and a long time in hospital undertaking intensive rehab, Mark has been able to move into a high-care facility, and eventually transition into a disability accessible home. These achievements have been frustratingly slow for Mark, but his determination to improve his health and make a difference is as strong as ever.

World Record attempt

In his journey, Mark has experienced many setbacks. He was originally told he will never walk agin, but with help from Zach - his physiotherapist from Ascend Health Group - Mark has been making steady improvements in walking. He’s also had many challenges to do with NDIS funding, with Mark channelling his frustration into advocating for others experiencing disability. 

This has been the impetus for his latest endeavour, to set a World Record for the longest distance travelled in a wheelchair with one arm. However, Mark needs your help to achieve this. A lack of funding means Mark has struggled just to get a replacement wheelchair he’s desperately been needing. He’s also struggled to get a good night’s sleep until recently experiencing an adaptive bed. The funds raised through this auction will help Mark on his mission to raise the awareness of the challenges facing many people with disabilities in our community.

Support Mark today

Your support will help Mark on his mission to raise funds for people experiencing disability and continue living independent. 

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