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Broome Support Team

We now offer therapy assistants and disability support workers for communities in and around Broome.

Gain valuable experience

Get ahead of the crowd before leaving university with a unique remote work experience. Live and work in a community as part of your university degree.

High quality training

Be part of a team that is dedicated and enthusiastic about helping others. You'll be supported by out experienced Perth team and local support agencies.

How to qualify

To be part of the Broome team, all you'll need is to be in your fourth year of any health related university degree and be able to commit to a four to six week block between your university placements.

Flight credits

We offer flight credits that will help cover the costs of travel to and from Broome.


You won't be alone. You'll be connected with our experienced Perth team, Notre Dame, and local support agencies.

Paid work experience

To make the most of the experience, you can expect to be working around 4-6 hours each day.

Accomodation credits

We will help contribute to your accomodation expenses during your stay in Broome.

Cultural experiences

You'll be able to gain valuable insight into how services are delivered to those from different cultural backgrounds.

Work and travel

Broome is a vibrant tourist destination that you can explore outside of your work and study commitments.

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