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Ascend Health Bali Mission

02 - 10 Jan, 2025

Bali, Indonesia

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The Bali Mission feels like...

Inter-disciplinary training


Social networking event


Professional development

Ignite hope across borders

Did you know that in Bali, there is just one clinic to help nearly 200 thousand people living with disabilities? Joining the Ascend Health's Bali mission will provide the local community with invaluable support. You'll have the opportunity to use your experience and professional skills to assist local therapists and help put a smile on peoples face.

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Orientation and tour of therapy clinic


Community events with therapists


Group discounts to social activities


Therapy work

Hear from Bali Mission alumni

Jordy Nixon is an occupational therapist at Ascend Health Group

Embarking on this years Bali Mission was a transformative experience on both personal and professional levels.

Exploring diverse cultures and therapy practices opened my eyes to new perspectives and connections with fellow therapists. Professionally, I learned to streamline therapy techniques while navigating language barriers in multi-disciplinary teams. Understanding different countries' approaches to therapy enriched my practice and empowered me to share our insights globally.

In essence, the Bali Mission was a profound journey of learning, growth, and cross-cultural exchange, highlighting the power of global collaboration in therapy.

Highlights from last year

The first Bali Mission held in January 2024 was an incredible experience for everyone that participated. This adventurous group of seven therapists brought their experience as physios and OTs to the local Balinese community. It was an eye opener to say the least, with everyone agreeing that this was a cause well worth supporting.

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