COVID-19 and the NDIS

As COVID-19 continues to unfold globally and in our community , we have been seeing a lot of changes happening very quickly, affecting almost all of us.

These are temporary price increases, and rates will be reviewed in 3 and 6 months.

The reason of these increases are due to "additional costs of service delivery for existing supports" and to cover additional incidentals such as hand sanitiser and personal protective equipment.

For AHG, these new prices will come into effect as of 30/03/2020.

The price changes are as follows:

  • Daytime $58.14

  • Saturday $79.96

  • Sunday $103.17

The NDIS has also made changes to the process of reviewing plans.

If you have a scheduled review coming up, the NDIS will contact you by phone or email to conduct the review.

If your plan is ending soon, it will automatically be extended for 365 days

(1 year), you no not need to do anything for this to happen.

The NDIS will be ensuring that all participants have the funding they require over the next few months, or until the pandemic is over.

If you have any questions, please contact your support worker or the admin team and they will be able to help you further.

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