How do I get started?

Getting started doesn't have to be tricky, we are here every step of the way to make the process smooth and uncomplicated.


Assessment Day

Two of our team members will attend the meeting and fill out the required paperwork.

They will listen to your story and try to answer any as many questions you have.


Meet & Greet

This is an opportunity for you and your new support worker to meet and get to know each other before any formal services start.  We want you to be comfortable and to make sure they are a good fit.


Buddy Shifts

The first few shifts (or however long it takes) your support worker may be buddied up with one of our experienced workers to ensure care of the highest standard.

We give successful Support Workers 4 weeks after the 'meet and greet' to decide if they can commit to 1 year with the member they are assigned to.



Therapy Shaddowing

If you are receiving other services such as Physiotherapy or Speech Therapy, we encourage our Support Workers to communicate with your therapists to improve the quality of support and also to help them develop as young therapists.

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